Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Piedmont, CA

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Piedmont, CA

Piedmont, California, is a small, affluent suburb in the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay. The city is known for its elegant tree-lined streets, top-rated public schools, and well-maintained parks. Its location also makes it an ideal home for those looking to be close to San Francisco while enjoying the benefits of a quiet, laid-back community.

Deciding to move to a new city or state can be stressful, but for those considering Piedmont, it may be an easy one. With its reputation as an upscale and friendly community, Piedmont offers a high quality of life that is hard to pass up. The city's welcoming atmosphere and access to top-notch amenities also make it an attractive destination for the younger and older generations. Here's what you should know about moving to Piedmont, CA:

Where is Piedmont located?

Piedmont is in San Francisco's East Bay region, near Oakland and Berkeley. Despite its location in the Bay area and proximity to Oakland, Piedmont offers a respite from the city buzz, thanks partly to its larger home lots and expansive parks. Locals are near the Oakland International Airport for travel and can explore diverse environments with the ocean to its east and mountains to its west. 

The local lifestyle 

Piedmont's reputation as an affluent community is well-deserved. Its beautiful, luxurious homes and meticulously landscaped yards are a testament to this fact. However, despite its affluence, Piedmont remains an inviting and friendly community where neighbors know each other by name. The city has high-end boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes for its residents to enjoy. Piedmont is a desirable place for families and professionals.

Schools in the area

When it comes to education, Piedmont truly shines. The Piedmont Unified School District consistently receives high rankings for its public schools. The district's elementary, middle, and high schools are highly regarded, with many students attending top colleges and universities. The district also boasts an adult education program to learn English, learn technical skills, and take community courses. In addition to its robust public school system, Piedmont is home to several private schools offering exceptional education opportunities.

Housing options and the local market 

If you are considering moving to Piedmont, you will want to learn about the local real estate market. The city's beautiful homes often come with higher price tags, but for many residents, the cost is worth it for the quality of life and community they find in Piedmont. The market can be competitive, so working with an experienced agent who can help you navigate the process is important.

Homes in Piedmont are known for their grandeur and luxury, with many featuring spacious yards and unique architectural details. Many historic estates have traditional designs and lavish elements like courtyard fountains, formal dining rooms and living rooms, and cozy gardens. Even with higher housing costs, the quality of life and the sense of community make it a worthwhile investment. 

Things to do in Piedmont 

Perhaps one of the best things about Piedmont is the abundance of outdoor activities. The city has several well-maintained parks, including Piedmont Park, Dracena Park, and Coaches Field. Each park offers a unique experience, including playgrounds, baseball fields, tennis courts, and picnic areas. The city is home to several hiking trails, allowing residents to explore the beautiful natural landscapes.

Piedmont Park is a central outdoor space and a historic landmark in the town. The park spans 15 acres and has different recreation areas, including sloping laws with views of the bay and Mount Tamalpais. The central park features an Exedra entry with an iconic blue vase, making it a common spot for weddings and other community events. The park also has a community center with neighboring lawn space for outdoor movies and annual festivals like the Christmas tree lighting and the July 4th fireworks celebration. Behind the center, locals can find the Bushy Dell Creek with a dog run and an 1800s hotel and spa building. The dense forest feels remote, but it is minutes from residential neighborhoods. 

Where do locals eat? 

One of the many perks of the region is the culinary scene. The city has exceptional cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer delectable cuisines. From Mediterranean and Asian to European, there is always a dish to satisfy every palate. Residents enjoy the local restaurants as they provide an opportunity to dine out and socialize with fellow residents.

Living in Piedmont also means having access to some of the best restaurants in the East Bay, including the Michelin-starred Commis. The restaurant, known for its inventive tasting menu and attention to detail, has become a destination for food connoisseurs. The open kitchen experience is intimate, and the restaurant serves creative and beautifully presented dishes that showcase the best of Californian cuisine.

Local transit options 

One thing to keep in mind when living in Piedmont is the city's transit options. While many residents in this affluent community own cars, public transportation options are also available. The city operates a community shuttle that provides transportation to local destinations, such as schools, medical facilities, and shopping areas. Piedmont is well-connected to the greater Bay Area by public transit systems like BART and AC Transit.

Finding a home in the community 

When searching for a home in Piedmont, there are several things to consider beyond the price. The style and size of the home, as well as its location and proximity to community amenities, can all play a role in your decision and impact your lifestyle. It can be helpful to think through your daily routine and weekly schedule to pinpoint critical locations and amenities you need to support your lifestyle. With a list of must-have criteria, you can search for a home more efficiently.

Work with a local agent 

With your search criteria and ideal location, you can enlist the help of a local realtor to explore homes in the community. Pamela Strike Fullerton is a nationally ranked Piedmont real estate agent with a background in real estate law. Get to know Piedmont and find your dream home with Pamela today!

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